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Summon Unique Cars Problem.

  • Hello guys, i'm having a issue trying to summon the following cars > Pfistiser 811 EmperorETR1 Annis RE-7B Progen Tyrus Grotti X80 Proto.
    I'm using a Reloaded Version of GTA V, updated to the V1.36.

    Using the Simple Trainer as well. I would like to know what is happenning, i would really love to test these cars out, but i summon them, then 1 sec after i summoned them, they simply vanish into the oblivion. What is going on? Thanks.

  • @Hoyzon said in Summon Unique Cars Problem.:

    I'm using a Reloaded Version of GTA V, updated to the V1.36.

    Do you mean a pirated version of the game? If so, then nobody will probably help and this thread will probably get locked because it's against forum rules to discus pirated versions.

    If there is a legal Reloaded version, then I am sure someone will help.

  • Oh i see, it is because i'm scared of using Mods on my Steam version of the Game, so i download a Reloaded one, some friends said i might get banned from Steam if i use mods.

  • @Hoyzon If you go online you will but if you stay offline, it isn't a problem. I have the full retail version and I use mods but I never play online. There are ways of making sure your mods are disabled when you go online but I honestly couldn't tell you what they are, because I haven't used them.

    But if you ask about how to do this with your genuine version, you will probably get more help.

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