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can you help to create my own full menu mod

  • I would like to create u mod menu customize with the functions I chose but did not put knowledge in development of mod menu I would need help so that I eventually get to do it by my own means

  • @lykosss Do you have some programming background/experience?

  • @lykosss I would suggest you search for C# tutorial try beginner videos or articles. Learn the very basic of variables, functions and progressivly move to more complex (remember oriented object) as you feel.

    Why C#, because it's very good for beginner. But also menu mods are easily done with C# and NativeUI library.

    Also you will find bunch of exemples for making menu or scripts mods.

    Also when you start learning programming don't hesitate to search for every word or concept you don't fully understand, stack overflow and google are litteraly archives of question/answers!

    I wish you success into this adventure.

  • @Konijima thanks you

  • Hey!

    This Might help you.
    I learn modding from this tutorials.
    but to understand this you have to know the basics of programming.

    so first understand everything about loops and classes conditions different types of Statments and all
    And for that
    this might help you

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