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Noob with questions again

  • Ok i have gta5 for pc through steam, its been installed and i went into the story mode just to make sure everything worked as it should. i downloaded the money script mod, scripthookv and openlv. i created a scripts folder and put the files in it as per the readme and added the money.dll in the main gta5 folder. i then installed the openlv. once all that was done i hit the play online button for gta5 in my steam account. as it loaded it said that i had a moddified version of the game and it sent back to the story mode part of the game. what did i do wrong, im just wanting to go in the game and screw around and buy a bunch of stuff kind of like iggy fresh does.

  • Wait did you say play online? Like actually going online in GTA V? You can't do that it will get you banned. Mods are for single player only not online.

  • @Algonquin1234 the only option i have is story mode, how do i do it in single player mode?

  • Since you said it's just a script and you have the folder already in your directory and scripthook all you need it scriphookDotNet.dll available in the tools section of this website, and OpenIV.ASI. You open OpenIV, select GTA V, Then you press the tools option on the top left corner, then ASI manager, and install the ASI OpenIV has to offer. You cannot use these mods online. You will get banned and online modding discussions aren't allowed.

  • @Algonquin1234 how do i play in single player mode then. the only option i see is story mode. ive completed the first mission to be able to play online, is there more there?

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    @tardster Story mode is singleplayer.

  • @QBit07 is there a way to not do the missions then?im stuck at the second where franklin and the other guy are suppose to go steal the cars.

  • download the 100% save mod

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    @ShadoFax said in Noob with questions again:

    download the 100% save mod

    What they said.

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