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  • How do I install map editor. I hit f7 all day nothing is there something I'm missing in the scripts, please help I really see lots of cool maps but what's the point I can't even install them.

  • @morepplanes57 We can't tell if you have something missing in the scripts, unless you tell us what you already have in the scripts.

    1. What have you installed?
    2. Where have you installed it?
    3. Have you installed everything that Map Editor needs to work?
    4. Have you installed them in the correct place?
    5. Are there any errors in the ScriptHookV.log, if so, what do they say?
    6. Are there any errors in the ScriptHookVDotNet.log, if so, what do they say?

    When we know what you do have, we have a better chance of working out what you don't have.

  • @morepplanes57 Please post screenshots of the GTA V main folder and the scripts folder.

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