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How to get a proper Sound in GTA V ? Especially Farts, DSG etc (Audi RS5R Here)

  • Hi everyone,

    Posting here today to know if someone know how making sound works in GTA V.
    Looks like when you put your own sound in a .awc, It sound like a vaccum ingame, question is why ? The main game sound .awc (not the separate cars .awc ) is like governed by a frequency given beforehand by the developers...
    And your sound is not very accurate for this use...

    I've plan to release the RS5-R 2018 Sound but it use the comet2 sound which is located in the main .awc directory where there are at least thousand of other sound... The problem is that now every traffic cars farts like the RS5, Everyone in the street is like prout prout everytime and its quite annoying man...

    So in fact not a very proper sound to offer which is the problem, the sound itself sound good so if someone has an idea how to use it in a specific .awc like xls.awc, or a comet one but its need to be the comet 2 sound. No need to told you that use the comet2 sound in a specific awc sound like the xls will not work i've tried, its the vaccuuuuum again.

    Let me know what you guys think about this sound if people like it i'm gonna release it anyway... but seriously if someone know how to do something to fix it he is welcome lol

    And no turn off the traffic is not an option

    A tips if you want to make a lot of cars farts when the gearbox shift, you have to download the manual transmission mods available in the download section and set your upshift key the same that your clutch key, its gonna make the engine revs a bit and make the cars farts most of the time like in the video, drawback of this you can sometimes hear the engine continue to go up in rpm ( work good with the XA21 sound) i'm pretty sure a lot of people know it but anyway if its not the case your good to go now farting everywhere you want you little pig haha :D

    And let me know for the sound guys please ^-^
    Have a good day !!

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