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[WIP] A Real Wild West mod for GTAV

  • I am deep in development of my Cowboys and Indians mod. The scripting is in Lua for an open source. Many models are replaced or altered. New weapons are addins in dlc's.
    The desert area is mostly mapped some edits remain.

    So far there is an Intro, with some weapon tutorials, game loads in desert hotel interior.
    Horse and Rider that are animated. 5 New weapons and of course Cowboys, Banditos and Indians including Braves, Squaws and Chief.
    Three of 4 missions are close to complete.

    Many obstacles are in my path and I could use some Models.

    Models needed:
    A better Bow, like a simple long bow. Well 2: one with arrow and drawn string, the other no arrow and straight string.

    An Arrow that I can use to shoot.

    A real stagecoach, not a Bus but like in the 1800's.

    A saddle with rifle scabbord on left side, empty no rifle in scabbord.

    Here's the sight I am beginning to post dev, it has links to a couple test videos I hope you like.

    Please help me to get this to a working release.
    Even comments or thumbs up will help to draw more attention.

    Peace, N8Gamez

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