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[SCRIPT] [WIP] Sync Shot

  • Hello There!
    I am Harshil. I have just started working on this project named "Sync Shot", a technic used by soldiers to eliminate multiple enemies at a time. you might seen it in the game called "Ghost Recon" we call it "synchronize shots". I got this Idea from a guy named @regiskcm one of a "gta-v-mods" user So I want to thank him/her. and want to let you know that I have so many Ideas about it and if you have any suggestion for this mod like i should add your idea to this mod then let me know here or you can DM me here.

    And if you don't know about it then

    an example you can see.

    The Idea About the mod

    1st thing I will add 3 team mates on the click of a button.
    2nd By pressing 'T' while aiming on target you will be able to set the targets for your team-mates.
    3ed By Pressing 'Shooting' key (Default : Mouse left) or Holding the 'T' key you will be able to eliminate all the targets at a time.

    this is just for begging as I said I have so many Ideas for this. if you all will like it I will definitely update it put new things in it and if possible I will add your ideas too and will mention you. so please share your ideas too so I can make this better.

    Thank you in advance.
    and Thank you @regiskcm for this great Idea.


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