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Please fix this bug

  • There is a BREACH going on on 5Mods, i randomly switch accounts to random users, PLEASE HELP ME

  • This is not my account, i randomly gained access to the GTAOverdrive's account

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    It's an old bug. Happens sometimes. Even has happened to me.

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    @Konijima wtf

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    @QBit07 hey its konijima i am rabdomly qbit what the heck is happening

  • Hey i restarted my browser seem i got back into my own account. This wack tho

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    That's...kind of hilarious.



    It's a known bug, but it's not known why it happens. If it happens, please try to refresh, restart your browser or log out, to get back on your account.

  • It just happened again, i left my browser session open then when i came back later i had the popup Session Mismatch, I was then someone else without refreshing so i logged off and re-logged to my account. Seem to have something to do with session expiration while page is still open it clearly send me someone else token when revalidating or something.

  • @Konijima
    I have that to.
    To check if someone logged into your acc go to settings and then youcan see the ip adresses of the people who logged in

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