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Textures/Materials problem

  • Evening. New to modding in gta here and i kinda got stuck with this problem... So i modeled the character, did the rigging and all that(using zmodeler). For materials i used original mats that came with game model(ig_bankman). Basically only changed diffuse textures. Works fine in zmodeler. After import i get to OpenIV, delete old ones, replace with new ones(same name) . Works like it should. But when i actually get in game , it loads old textures anyway. Is this some kind of a link to bankman files? Thanks for reading. Here is a picture to see what i get in game alt text

  • @DjUnknown Have you tried using a trainer to manually change the textures?

  • No . I think it needs scripthook for trainers to work. And scripthook doesnt work on epic games version.At least thats what it says on script page :P

  • Okay , so for anyone with same problems. I figured it out . Apperantly deleting and adding new textures(at least in openiv) wont do it, you have to do it with replace button. Also need to keep your model structure(accs,uppr etc) othewise it uses only one of them

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