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[WEAPON] A Flashbang/Stun-grenade Add-on or Mod! It would make for some real cool SWAT situations!

  • Hey. I am looking for a flashbang/Stun-grenade add-on or mod. I think it would make for some really cool SWAT situations. I have an idea, but unfortunately I am an absolute mess with scripts and modding, so therefor I am asking some passionate modder to help me and probably plenty others out!

    Perhaps if you could make an Add-on for the pipe-grenade, so that it would not be lethal, yet loud and bright, and as a stun-effect you could maybe take advantage of the drunk-state from GTA V and maybe adjust it a bit.

    Please help me and plenty other out, and if you decide to take on the task, please let me know.

    LIKE THIS, so the genius' can see this!

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