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Is there a way to re-validate 'invalid' props?

  • Hey all,

    I was just cleaning up some work for a map I built a while back and was going to make some improvements. I start Menyoo and 40% of my props are now 'invalid'! It had happened before the last update, but all I had to do was remove everything without overwriting (saving) and reload. Everything came back with no prob. Not this time! When I don't setup a 'dummy dump' where I place props on the map somewhere they normally spawn away from where I build, there's usually no problem there either. Best solution I found was to make maps near where they spawn which is what I did this time. But no good, 'R' and their usual BS messed up days worth of work on a really cool map. I fortunately have a backup of the map so I'm hoping someone (anyone) knows how to override 'R's' prop invalidation. Why they do it at all is annoying as a modder!


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