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Disagree With Moderator over Mod Approval!

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    I made a Gameconfig So when you download lots of addons car the game won't crash,
    as in the time of typing this there is none for the new version of gta and i made a new one for the Community.
    But an admin gave me a weird Rejection comment.

    The Problems

    The Mod Got Rejected Because ( We've got a few floating around already )
    No, You don't got the new Version floating around Before you say anything Mr. Moderator atleast look up the mod, before saying something wrong.

    ( It's not specified what values are changed and why/how this one works better than the existing ones )
    Well yea, but every other gameconfig file publisher didn't tell what they've changed too, an people don't care what was change they just want to have fun with addons.

    ( 1868.1 and 1868.4 are no different archive-wise, which kind of points out the changes you made in the files are a wild guess at best )
    That is true both of theese versions don't have any differences, BUT its easier for new people to KNOW what to DOWNLOAD ( with that i mean all the people that got the game for free from epic games store )
    And Changes are wild? I made them so it will work and not crash the game, i changes some ped limits and car limits so it will work with lots of addons.

    For Moderators
    I don't want to be rude with the moderator that rejected the mod, but there is just much things that break my head ( Few floating around ) Yea they're outdated i make a new working one! Or explain what you've change I can do that but i'm going to put that in the Readme.txt in the download then.

    Thank You for Reading this, Have a Great Day see ya.

  • So many people asking for updated 1.0.1868.1 version of gameconfig in the most popular gameconfig's page, this kind person generously offering us a not crashing working game config in our days in quarantine so we can finally properly play without crashing. and what does the admin/mods do? Based on the reasons being stated in here, they reject it with the same reason a military commander beats up a private because he has eyebrows above his eyes...

    Yes there is no 1.0.1868.1 gameconfig at all. They all outdated already. Even if there are others, so what? I mean really so what? People can use search options to find the one they want. If your worry is about the storage, I'm sure more or less than 1 MB file doesn't really fill up any storage.
    Despite working generally, some gameconfigs causing crash with particular mods installed. Thus having a variety of different gameconfigs would help people to get a gameconfig that is compatible with that particular mod they are using. (etc: RDE's included gameconfig and 1.0.1868.0 gameconfig causing the game to crash).

    Also, there are many very very overly outdated gameconfigs floating around. Why not remove them if you care about it this much? I'm not saying you should, because there are people who prefers not to update their games, but for the rejected logic in here, they also supposed to be deleted as well.

    None of the gameconfig uploaders specify which values are changed nor anyone including myself care about it since I'm sure most of us have really no idea about any of those values. Maybe except very obvious ones like Vehicle density multiplier..

    If anyone is curious enough to see the changes however, it's very easy to download it and compare in Notepad++.

    "why/how this one works better than the existing ones"........ There are lots of same brand and model vehicles and not even their authors say why their work better than the existing ones or what's the difference. and last time I checked, the modding wasn't an official competition in here. Like is there a rule a newer mod has to surpass every other similar mods? Even the vehicles at featured files and have high like/download rate, people still prefer to download a different mod of the same brand/model vehicle. Because take a small guess. Personal taste.. Something being better than something else doesn't have to make everyone to like it. There may be a tiniest thing in a mod worse than it's similar mod that some people prefer over the overall better one. Me, I care a lot about the headlights of a vehicle. In cases I find different mods of same vehicle, I choose the one I want by looking at their headlights. If one of them has a better headlight but other one has a better overall model & interior, I still prefer the one with better headlight. Like I said, it's just a personal taste. It doesn't always make sense for everyone but it does for some.

    The title 1.0.1868.1/4 means the provided gameconfig works in both 1.0.1868.1 and 1.0.1868.4 . That is hardly a reason to even mentioning in my opinion honestly. I believe many people who bought epic version of game would look for a gameconfig at the same version. Honestly the title should even be "1.0.1868.1 & 1.0.1868.4" to show up better in search. There are many newbies as well who's not aware of xx68.1 also works with xx68.4 so they would first search and look for 1.0.1868.4 .

    The changes might be wild or overly tested. I honestly thing Todd Howard the frog's idea here.
    alt text

    If this was a handling mod, I would agree to some extend especially if they are going to represent the real life version of the vehicle but this is just a gameconfig for Todd's sake :P

    I mean no disrespect at all but I am also someone who is still waiting for a properly working updated gameconfig and it's really sad that someone was patience enough to spent his time to do it and was kind and generous enough to share it but it just got rejected over some wrong presumptions :/

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    1.0.1868.0 works for 1.0.1868.1.


    If you'd spent this amount of effort for your upload, it'd have been approved already. As the changes seem to have been made, it's approved now.

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