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Disagree With Moderator over Mod Approval!

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    I made a Gameconfig So when you download lots of addons car the game won't crash,
    as in the time of typing this there is none for the new version of gta and i made a new one for the Community.
    But an admin gave me a weird Rejection comment.

    The Problems

    The Mod Got Rejected Because ( We've got a few floating around already )
    No, You don't got the new Version floating around Before you say anything Mr. Moderator atleast look up the mod, before saying something wrong.

    ( It's not specified what values are changed and why/how this one works better than the existing ones )
    Well yea, but every other gameconfig file publisher didn't tell what they've changed too, an people don't care what was change they just want to have fun with addons.

    ( 1868.1 and 1868.4 are no different archive-wise, which kind of points out the changes you made in the files are a wild guess at best )
    That is true both of theese versions don't have any differences, BUT its easier for new people to KNOW what to DOWNLOAD ( with that i mean all the people that got the game for free from epic games store )
    And Changes are wild? I made them so it will work and not crash the game, i changes some ped limits and car limits so it will work with lots of addons.

    For Moderators
    I don't want to be rude with the moderator that rejected the mod, but there is just much things that break my head ( Few floating around ) Yea they're outdated i make a new working one! Or explain what you've change I can do that but i'm going to put that in the Readme.txt in the download then.

    Thank You for Reading this, Have a Great Day see ya.

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