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Desperate for some mods to cinematic camera

  • Hi modding community! There are several mods I've always wanted to see that just don't seem to be on the radar of the people with the skills to make them, so here is my first request!

    When driving in cinematic mode, the in-vehicle chase cams are awesome! Be it a view from a car behind you or my favourite, from the helicopter!

    Unfortunately the rest of the views are not particularly exciting to watch, and the most common 'side-of-your-car' view makes it nearly impossible to drive! As does the side of the road view when what is meant to be 'framed' is hidden behind a tree or building....

    This makes for an overall very frustrating experience where you gasp in delight at a fabulous visuals of moving action shot from the heli cam, only to have it switch to behind a bush and your exciting police chase comes to a premature crashing halt...

    So please please PLEASE can someone make a mod that only gives you chasing vehicle cameras when they're available in cinematic mode? I'm really surprised it hasn't been done already.

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