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No_GTAVLauncher suddenly not launching ver 1493.1

  • Did something recently change because all of a sudden No_GTAVLauncher no longer launches older versions of my retail game version. This launcher has worked great on version 1493.1 for a long time now but two days ago it started crashing as soon as I launch it. Did some change occur I don't know about? Also, I went to check on an updated script hook for the latest game update and noticed the old script hook update webpage appears to be gone. Where does one acquire updated script hooks now?

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    SHV has been uploaded to the site here. Not sure how it's going to work for updates, if those are still going to happen.

  • @QBit07 Thank you for the info. I did find the latest update and it works great. Now I just need to find out why my older game versions no longer launch using No_GTAVLauncher. Something obviously changed somewhere for older versions to suddenly stop working when nothing's changed on my end. I guess I'm just wondering if RockStar made any recent changes that may have caused it.

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