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Pay for removal of ads

  • I haven't been active here for several years. Some things have changed, such as the ad pop-ups.

    Is it possible to pay this site so the ads are removed? Similar to Nexus, free you get ads, pay and you're ad free.

    Having 1/6th of the screen covered with ads trying to sell me stuff that I will NEVER buy from them is annoying.

  • @Paradise
    Ad-block doesn't remove all ads, I want 100% ad removal and am willing to pay for that privilege.

  • Use uBlock Origin. If you find an advertisement that's not removed, use the Element Picker to remove it.

    Element picker

    I doubt they're going to add that kind of feature to GTA5-Mods.com. Dark0ne, the owner and admin of GTA5-Mods and NexusMods, has said multiple times he would rather port this website over to NexusMods.

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