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[SCRIPT][RELEASED] GTA V Sync Shot Future Updates, Suggestions & More

  • "Sync Shot", a technic used by soldiers to eliminate multiple enemies
    at a time. you might seen it in the game called "Ghost Recon" we call it
    "synchronize shots". I got this Idea from a guy named @regiskcm.
    Thank you for this great idea @regiskcm. I hope you will enjoy this
    basic Sync shot mod.

    Downloading from

    Watch Demo

    About Version

    this version is simply develop for Testing on user's devise.
    it is as simple as it looks. it contains only one static team-mate
    (BlackOps character) with static weapon (carbine rifle mk2) with
    attachments. with the help of you team mate you can eliminate only two
    of your enemies at a time.

    Please inform me here or in comment section of my mod if you find one.

    How to Use
    In-Game Press F12 to Swap Team-Mate.
    To set target "Aim at any ped and press T".
    To give Shooting order "Hold T"

    If you will shoot, your team-mate will execute the target immediately. It's not
    a bug, it's a feature of this mod. so please don't report it as a bug.

    Installation instructions

    How to Install
    Extract all the files in your script directory

    As I said In [WIP] Forums that I have a lot of plans for this mod so I will tell you about the future updates as I release the new updates. If You guys have any suggestions regarding this mod let me know here in this topic we will discuss it here.

    Upcoming Version

    there will be total of 3 Team-mates. so you will be able to kill total 4
    targets at a time.

  • the idea come from skin you made Ghost Recon Style 1.0. should thanks to you.
    never expect this mods. this is awesome ever and ever. perfectly work. thanks for make other dream come true.

  • This is frigging awesome!!!

  • An interesting concept, but I think it'd be better if the teammate was firing automatically at the target nearest to yours instead of having to tell them what to do. That would make the gameplay smoother.

    Of course, the game would then need to resolve the target for your teammate, basically resulting in a "one for me, one for you" system, but I think that could be more dynamic.

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