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Exporting Models from other games

  • So I’ve noticed that some car models from other games such as beamng are being used in gta, there’s a game on steam called automation which is more like a motor manufacturer tycoon game. you actually design the cars and you can export those into beamng. could you use the same method to export into gta? would make for some good lore friendly cars

  • @ess125 You mean the creation of cars part?
    No that part not I fear...

  • @Sammy1970 not the car creation part bro, once the cars been finished. the final product? I know they don’t have interiors though but i’m sure they could use gta interiors. I dunno the process behind all this but yeah.

    Just because I know with that game you can export the car models into beamng and i know there’s a few mods out there for gta which use car models from beamng too.

    thanks for replying btw lol thought no one had seen this

  • @ess125 Can you export cars as a file? And what file type?

  • @Viccracenvy I’ll double check it maybe .car files from automation to beamng but i’ll need to see what file types beamng cars use. I’ll have a look when i get in from work

  • @Viccracenvy but you can definitely export cars from automation to beamng so somewhere it must be possible to convert/export to gta

  • @Viccracenvy it says .car files but once it’s in beam it’s as a .rar file. all beamng cars come up as .rar files with some files and folders in them

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