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GIMS evo doesn't import certain mesh as YDR? - object invisible in OpenIV

  • Hey, guys!

    I'm new and learning basic. I'm able to export very simple object as YDR and view it in OpenIV. No biggie.

    But, for some reason, when I want to export the same way something a little bit more complex, like procedurally made piece of road I'm working on, there's nothing in viewport! It shows vertices count, embed livery, but doesn't show model at all!

    Here's a link with on cube YDR I made and works fine

    Second file it Gameroad YDR that's invisible

    And then there is 3DS max saved file just before exporting the bloody road! Please, someone take a look at it and tell me what went south!


    Any feedback will be deeply appreciated!


    Measurements. I forgot everything exported from GTA V is literally 100x smaller.

    Case closed. I will just leave it here, in case some other poor soul would be struggling with this in future.

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