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is it possible (replace cars)

  • hi all new to modding and was loooking for some advice, i was wondering if it is possible to add replace cars but have them not spawn automatically.

    im also wondering how the amount of add-on cars you can have works as seen some youtube clips where they have slots 300+ i had 1 and a quater page then it wouldnt load.

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    You need a modded gameconfig.

  • I can send you a stable one, IF you run the latest version of GTA5? @Xmodz

  • @Xmodz It's possible. First, just find the ID of the car in their respective vehicles.meta. Then, you go to popgroups.ymt by searching it and delete every <Item> to </Item> with that vehicle on it. You should also change the maxnum for the vehicle in vehicles.meta to 0, as it is the value that changes the number of vehicles that will spawn in a certain area.

  • @Sammy1970 hi i would love for a stable gameconfig please.

  • @Xmodz where do I send it to, please?

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