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Help needed with spawning addon car (personal mod)

  • Hello, I'm not new at all at modding, but I'm still kind of a noob with GTA.

    Anyway, I've got a simple yet frustrating problem. Lately I decieded to make a personal use Stanier skin for the BCSO taking inspiration from 11john11's Retro Pack. So i used john's LSPD Pack as a base of development; i did everything I had to: dlc.rpf with both content and setup2 XMLs, x64 folder with both data (hell, I even generated an hash code from scratch) and vehicle.rpf; commond folder with every .meta files in it: carcols, carvariations, handling, dlc and vehicle: I even edited those files in order to prevent unnecessary replacement and yet whenever I try to spawn my custom-made car with skin the trainer says it can load the invalid model with my newly generated hash.

    I really tried everything but still I didn't manage to solve the problem- If there's anyone willing to help, I'll gladly provide everything. Hell, I could even send you the folder with everything in it.

    Also, if it can help, here's a list of my plugins in GTA's root directory (Epic Games version)

    LSPDFR v 0.4 (with UnitedCallouts)
    RAGE Plugin Hook (latest version)
    Heap Adjuster
    Gameconfig.xml (installed with Lenny's Mod Loader)
    ASI Loader
    RAGENative UI

    PS: I also checked if some addon vehicle I installed could had enter in contrast with my custom addon but it seems unlikey considering its sort of brand new.

  • I'd be happy to take a look at the structure of your rpf to help get it working. Post a link to your dlc.rpf and I will check it out.

    Speaking of "check it out" here's a Real Western mod I'm developing, for which I made several .dlc mods for weapons, vehicles and models.


  • @N8Gamez

    Sure thing! Thank you very much! Here's your GDrive link:


    Cannot access to your link tho; their servers are upgrading

  • In first glance there is an issue with the dlc layout. Example: The vehicle.rpf should be in %PLATFORM%/levels/gta5/vehicles/vehicles.rpf

    There are a few others out of place and the content is not unlocked.

    Checkout this tool and you can see the structure layout.

    I'll spend some time to see if I can get it to work but I think you would benefit from seeing the proper layout. I'm deep in my modding effort myself.
    Here's a link to one the videos showing the cast of characters and some wrapons.

    Peace, N8Gamez

  • Okay, I'll check it out and see what I can do by myself. In the meantime, if you ever should made it, then it'll be so much appreciated. Also, what does it mean the content isn't unlocked?

    Btw, your mod is coming up nicely, man! Wonder how much it took to script horse's behaviour!

  • @Liberty_Wings94 been struggling with my mod. How's it going with your efforts? Any luck?

  • Unfortunately not. I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, also had to deal with RL stuff and hadn't so much time

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