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New modder needs help with basic local host.

  • So guys I’ll give the full story, a few friends and I are starting up a fivem server and one guy is testing interiors on the actual server now none of us are good with this type of thing especially myself, we picked 100 cars that we want to add to the server. Problem is we don’t know the ins and outs of this type of thing. So what I need help with is:

    Setting up a barebones localhost for fivem with a spawn menu(the simpler the better cause I’m an idiot)

    How to add a car (add on not replace) to the server to test.

    There’s a few videos on YouTube but they show for single player mods and I have no idea if or even how to do it on fivem. I want to test these 100 cars but it’s not very easy for me and I am easily confused by some of what happens in these videos. If someone could give me the simplest way to just have a localhost fivem server with a car spawner (by name) and maybe a very basic breakdown with an easy car to add to get me started I can figure the rest out myself. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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