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SHV.N getting mdoel name from entity

  • Hye guys,

    Could anyone show me how to get a model name (ex: police3) from an vehicle entity.


  • @renevds Here some options

    Vehicle currentVehicle = Game.Player.Character.CurrentVehicle;
    if (currentVehicle != null && currentVehicle.Exists())
        Notification.Show( currentVehicle.ClassDisplayName ); // VEH_CLASS_6
        Notification.Show( currentVehicle.ClassLocalizedName ); // Sports
        Notification.Show( currentVehicle.DisplayName ); // NINEF
        Notification.Show( currentVehicle.LocalizedName ); // 9F
        Notification.Show( currentVehicle.Model.Hash.ToString() ); // 1032823388
        Notification.Show( ((VehicleHash)currentVehicle.Model.Hash).ToString() ); // Ninef

    alt text

  • Thanks you very much, needed this!

  • @renevds you are welcome, if you use IntelliSense you will find a lot of properties and methods that you didn't know about.

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