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Addonpeds dclist

  • everytime i add <Item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds</Item> to the dclist it crashes when loading story mode . is it broken with the latest update ? i managed to add a non streamed spiderman ped using JulioNIBs ped oiv generator but i cant find a way to install a streamed ped with that .
    any help on this would be greatly appreciated

  • @eviouS hi i just finished installing addonpeds and about 25 peds. Addonpes is working fine. But some hints.. after opening addonped with "L" once you will not be able to open addonpeds asecond time unless u reload the scripts. This is done with the " insert" key. Next thing i had trouble to get the character changed after changing it once , eventually it will work twice. I then pdeleted all ped with ped selector menu. I copies all relevabtfiles of my addon ped (mia, tia smatha ..) again into the ped selctor menu but this time i rebuilded with evry new ped i added. Addonpes is workin.. so better check ur installtion or follow the tutorial at the addonpeds mod site. Or even better using a different method where u use the ped.meta file that u have to copy into the addonpeds rpf.dlc

  • it was working fine before the last update . i'm on build 1868 online 1.50
    ped menu comes up fine when i press L but as soon as i add the <item> line into dclist the game crashes me out to the desktop. as soon as i take that line out the game boots up fine.

  • @eviouS same here same build.... ur install is faulty. for the ped generator i checked that mod,,, maybe thats the culprit.. Better copy and paste the four files for non streamed or the folder mod two files ped for streamed by hand.

  • Thanks for confirming the build this made me look into more than just the dlclist file . Managed to fix it thanks to you confirming that !! Made me check my addonpeds exe and I noticed an old ped that shouldn't of been in there .. deleted .. rebuilt and now running great ! Thanks a lot !

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