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Really weird glitch, please help - Bowling Balls

  • I know this might sound funny, but since I installed some mod (I don't know which one) this weird thing started occurring.
    Whenever I get inside a car (it works only on cars, anything that has 4 wheels) bowling balls spawn around me, depending on the vehicle I'm in the top one is on different height.

    Example: https://imgur.com/a/kmv5tof

    I have absolutely no idea how to fix this, nor why is it even occurring, please help.


    try disabling scripts folder and see if that fixes it

  • No, it didn't fix it.

  • @Mrug
    Edit: See post 2 below this first.

    No idea what could cause that, but your simplest solution is to remove the bowling ball from the game/make it invisible (see below).

    I think it's here:

    Invisible Bowling Ball:
    Use the 'Ctrl+F3' Search Box in OpenIV to search for 'prop_bowling_ball.ydr' & confirm that^ is the location of the file loaded by the game (no add-on/dlc mod containing it etc).

    Try downloading this (hopefully?) invisible 'prop_bowling_ball.ydr' & replacing the original (if they don't disappear after that then they are most likely loaded by a script).

    I made the texture in the 'prop_bowling_ball.ydr' fully transparent, should work, but haven't tested in-game (works in OpenIV tho).
    Make a backup of the '.rpf' containing the 'prop_bowling_ball.ydr' before you replace, so you can revert should you want to.
    Also, obviously, if it works, this method will make all the blue bowling balls in the game invisible, which may not be ideal.

  • The way those balls are positioned (yeah yeah) makes it look like a debug option for some script. What ASI script mods do you have?

  • @Dock-6
    Good call :thumbsup:

    If you have True Realistic Driving V (Realistic Mass, Handling) V5.3 installed, open 'TrueRealisticDrivingV.ini' & set 'Debugballs=0'.
    Default to open the in-game menu is 'O' (menu only works when in a vehicle). Not 100% sure, but I think Debugballs can be toggled ON/OFF using 'J' (only when in vehicle also).

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