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Need some help For mapping car template

  • ![alt text](![0_1590495844309_upload-31f884f6-de5d-4f84-94ba-00a47c843dad](Uploading 100%) image url)

    As you can see on the image,i have done the template and i already render it and save the image of template,
    but after I export it the vehicle files and I have to manually import the template to the. ytd file in openiv,but it seems like the livery is not working on the template.

    What did i did it wrong or what step that i missed
    been go through some tutorial but still cant figure it out

  • 0_1590496090988_upload-55a88d17-c975-44c3-853e-496506d63aa5 ![alt text](image url)

  • @zh465 It's a rough process with little tutorials. You might need to rename the livery texture to "car-id_sign_2? in the ytd file. You also need to set the material with (Bodypaint:1) in its name with a detail2 of a transparent texture named "car-id_sign_1". Make sure to change Adapt: vehicle_paint2 to vehicle_paint3. I can explain further if you need me to

  • @Viccracenvy said in Need some help For mapping car template:


    You mean rename the like this?

  • @Viccracenvy said in Need some help For mapping car template:


    I know how to separate the polygon things and make it fit the UV map square, but I still don't understand the Texture browser and texture material thing.

    would like to know more about these:grinning:

  • I think I just figure it out mapping!

    @Viccracenvy You are right,i follow your steps and make all the name same and it works!:laughing:
    Thanks mate!

    ![0_1590578004893_upload-d6f6e3d7-328f-4b4f-ad0b-7f550f8ca10e](Uploading 100%)
    i tested but still need to improve and some certain area :D

  • @zh465 You're welcome, anything else?

  • @Viccracenvy Once again thanks mate will ask you others questions Further since I just started using modeler:D

  • @Viccracenvy Hi,Just curious how do i made or add a Object to attach to a vehicle?

    For example the taxi sign On top of the vehicle, how can I add it or how do I create it?

  • @zh465 You can just drag the sign object off from the taxi car model object list if it is not attached to the car and put it into your vehicle. You can name is extralight_1 if you want it to glow.

  • @Viccracenvy
    I just merge it and rename it as extralights_1,then it's ready to go?
    No need to edit the vehicles.meta or carvation . Meta since its a lights thing
    Same as the police lights thing

    Is there any guidance on the lightning about these files.🙂

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