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best mods for online content into single player??

  • hey guys, im new here
    saw a few amazing mods on this website
    but many dont have proper description or seem to be outdated

    i wanted to ask is there a mod that would bring some online content into singleplayer?
    mostly im looking for being able to purchase online vehicles via websites (or any other non-immersion breaking method)

    there are few that look promising:
    world of variety (does it have an option to buy online vehicle via website?)
    also there are two old mods from 2015 that promise to do just that (but do they still work?)

    ps. i dont want to overmod my game with unecessary addons, so if someone has a list of good mods that would bring online content into the single player, without adding anything unecessary, please recommend

  • @micbp "Outdated" is a bit weird: most mods (vehicles, peds, houses, ...) are not prone to time.
    Some, like World of Variety, can be, though like WoV, it is normally kept updated.

    Online content, what do you mean: vehicles?

    For vehicles: Simple Trainer.
    For buildings, there are mods like OpenInteriors.
    For missions... there are a few around, though that is not my speciality, I fear.

    WoV is indeed awesome, and from what I remember, yes you can.
    Then again: game is called Grand THEFT auto, if you actually would buy one, you betrayed the very essence of the game, and I will have to shoot you. XD

    Mod List: Sir, no one ever can do this for you, for the simple reason that a mod list is prone to TASTE.
    Unless someone knows your taste PERFECTLY, one cannot fil that in for you.
    My suggestion?
    Go through the site.
    Sadly, more I can't say, for lists. ;)

    Hope this helped a bit, if you have other questions, please ask.

  • well, by outdated i meant it doesnt include all the vehicles released?
    or just plain doesnt work anymore with the current version of the game

    and yeah i meant vehicles of course, just like i stated, simple trainer wont do sadly, since as i mentioned i want to get them in a non-immersive breaking way

    i think buildings are interesting too, i saw openinteriors and player apartment mods, i think that pretty much covers it
    missions, i wouldnt risk it, since i guess that would be the most potentially game-breaking mods outthere and online missions are really boring and ridicilous anyway imo

    man, the reason im looking for these mods is partially because i want to avoid getting shot by the random people, while doing my own stuff:slight_smile: online mode is fun, but it is pretty plain and much just gringing, but i do like all the vehicles there

    but thank you, i guess i will try to install the WoV mod, since it seems to be kinda what im looking for
    maybe if there is someone who can confirm for sure that there is a website vehicle purchase in it, just like in online, that would be highly appreciated

  • @micbp All vehicles do work with the current game.
    What is your game type? GOG, Steam, Epic, Banana?
    Did you install a decent GameConfig?

  • all vehicles do work with the current game? what are you talking about man?
    ive asked if the (oudated) mods still have all vehicles (that since been released) in them
    or if the mod (itself) doesnt work with the current version of the game

    and the answer is no and no, ive tried it, 2015 mods do not have all the vehicles nor do they work properly with the current version of the game
    i appreciate the willingless to help but you answering to someone else's questions

    epic, and gameconfig, yes, to prevent crashes, thanks

  • @micbp ...
    You can spawn all vehicles (including new ones) with a trainer.
    I suggest Simple Trainer.

    As for car mods/packs, those work.

    WoV brings online vehicles even on the street.

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