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Don't understand the performance of this game (then throw mod's in to the mix)

  • Hey guys.

    So I have just re-installed GTAV after putting a fresh install of Windows10 on my system, fire it up (vanilla) and its running like a dream!!! 3440x1440, most things on very hight or high (grass on medium - extended scaling in advanced on full + shadows) and according to FRAPS its a steady 60FPS! Its as smooth as butter!! Night or day! No MSAA applied though as at this resolution it doesn't seem like it needs it + If I put it on x2 it drops to about 55 - low 50's

    Before this I was running windows 7, albeit with REDUX installed without re-shade and it would barely keep 50odd FPS at a resolution of 2560x1440 - constantly playing with settings though never happy

    I obviously love to mod for single player use but I am scared that any mod will sacrifice my 'perfectly smooth' 3440x1440 resolution. If I put redux back on I fear it'll no way run at 3440x1400 like the way it does currently. What mods, if any, could I try adding that should not put this resolutions smoothness at jeopardy? Obviously the advanced trainer will be going back on.

    Why would it be running so well now where as before it was hardly ideal at 2650x1440??

    Cheers all

    GTX 1070
    16gig ram

  • @90sarcadefighter Any script or .asi mods really dont have an effect of fps at all. Ofc there are execptions here & there but you should be able to tackle anything on this site.

    Im on a 980m & theres only a few mods here that I cant run at 1080p.

  • @90sarcadefighter said:

    No MSAA applied though as at this resolution it doesn't seem like it needs it.

    My monitor's resolution is 3840x2160, and I still use MSAA 4× and 8× Supersampling.

    Redux reduced my game's FPS too, I removed it.
    You can overclock your 4790k for some extra performance.

  • @90sarcadefighter I understand that running the game as administrator can result in a very different performance than in normal mode.

  • @90sarcadefighter
    Fraps on Windows 10 ?

  • Whilst it may only contribute, potentially on the CPU side of things (the visual handling bit isn't 1000% GPU side, there's still some CPU-GPU traffic and that has to multiplex with all the other CPU-ancilleries traffic too) - the fact there is some significant low-level differences between Win7 and Win10 may be at play.

    As people may or may not have figured out on here, like with WS2016 (Windows 10 server) and the previous WS releases (the server counterparts to Win 8.x) - Windows 10 as you use it is actually a VM running on a hypervisor (just like the various component 'os' instances are on the XB1, and the 'server' instance you use in WS2016 (and in the Win8.x related server counterparts) is the same.

    I can't recall if Windows 8.x desktop OS's used the same model or not (win7 and the WS counterpart didn't), but i suspect it did just hidden from view as with Win10.

    So under the hood, there's quite a substantial difference in how CPU time is allocated and taken up. And as was previously mentioned in an earlier reply, a lot of mods affect the CPU side in terms of generating extract processes and load rather than loading up the GPU further .

    Whilst on paper, the split model would technically be less efficient - if you use a hypervisor that's mostly dual-optimised (so difference between 'desktop' and 'server' based versions is more about optimisation for widely different types of load and demand), the potential benefit can outweigh the complications.

    I can remember, back in the slightly darker ages of 3D gaming, the simple improvement and efficiency that came from running UT99 on Win2K Professional over Win98SE/ME. But that said (remembering UT was a client/server amalgamated model of software), the real difference came when you installed DirectX and ran UT99 on Win2K Server editions. Now to put that into perspective, i was using a system with an original Voodoo GPU/S3 Video card combo graphics and hence OpenGL/3DFX graphics which was (in it's day) much like you get with the extremely GPU-offload graphics handling of today.

    So whilst i can't categorically state any of that is the cause of the performance difference the OP observed, you'd be surprised how much difference a substantial or particularly optimal change to the underlying subsystem or structure of an OS can be.

    Despite the ignorance in gaming circles at times, it's not exclusively all about the GPU that determines how well things run.

  • @9h457l33j03k3rr WOW thanks for taking your time to write this amazing summary! Much appreciated!!
    Your knowledge far out weighs mine I must say lol but I understand what you're saying about the CPU
    Thanks once again

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