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[VEHICLE] Mazda 6 GTA IV Mod Conversion to GTA V

  • Hello whoever is reading this fine piece of literature I'm composing.

    So I've been looking for this model for a long time and at last I've found one for GTA IV that needs a conversion.
    I was watching some videos and thought I could do it myself until I realized I needed to register zModeler 2 and 3 and unfortunately I just don't have the funds lying around at the moment for that. If someone who does the conversions is bored enough I'd very much appreciate it.

    Here's the link to the model/mod. I've doubled checked, it's unlocked. Should be quick and easy for you masters out there. I appreciate whoever takes this on!

  • https://cutit.org/gqS8e

    I'm sorry I had to use cut it to shorten it. It's a link to GTA Inside mods. I can't post the real link because it gets flagged as spam. Unless I'm missing something. Idk I don't post to fourms very often.

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