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how to return <modelName> from vehicles.meta?

  • As the title says, how do I return the <modelName> tag from vehicles.meta?

    I know about GET_DISPLAY_NAME_FROM_VEHICLE_MODEL but that returns the <gameName> tag.

    Also, what about <vehicleMakeName>?


    Already answered you in my Discord, but to get the info out there:

    Model name doesn't have a getter. If you just need to check, you can compare the model hash against the hashed name with GET_HASH_KEY (or your own joaat implementation). If you need the name itself, Add-on Spawner reads it when the game loads the models.

    Make name can be retrieved (from 1868+) with a new native, 0xF7AF4F159FF99F97(modelHash) (reported by rootcause). Prior to that, it (and gameName) can be retrieved from CModelInfo. See the add-on spawner code how that was done.

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