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NVR : lights/whites way too bright at night

  • Hey guys, so I've installed Natural Vision Remastered and I'm truly blown away by the quality of it. However I have one small problem : all the whites and the lights are blown up at night, see for yourself :

    alt text
    alt text
    Also funny enough the reflexions don't have this problem
    ^Also funny enough the reflexions don't have this problem

    For instance this is what Vanilla looks like :
    alt text
    It's a bit blown up but in comparison NVR is way brighter, and too much imo (I can't even see the craters on the moon it's just a white ball)

    I haven't installed ENB nor ReShade because they crashed my game. I have installed those optional add-ons :

    • NVR optional add-on : Different rain puddles (more)
    • NVR optional add-on : precise thunderbolts
    • NVR optional add-on : brighter nights
    • NVR optional add-on : brighter tail vehicles
    • Visual V
    • Visual V optional add-on : procedural shadows
    • Visual V optional add-on : grass

    I tried removing them but it's the same problem... Anyone has this problem or knows what can cause this ?


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