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Many mods don’t work on GTA epic games?

  • I’ve downloaded many mods and did everything required to use those mods, however most of the mods don’t work, while other mods work normally. Is this issue due to playing GTA from epic games?

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    Probably not.

  • I don't think so. It could be because of the new version of Scripthook. They could need an update to work with the latest Scripthook. It's just my guess. Make sure you have all the requirements to run the mods. Like NativeUI and ScripthookDotNet.ASI

  • problem is i have the latest scripts required to load the mods, yet there are some issues when trying to load them in game, they never show (mostly clothing mods)

  • Clothing mods are to be installed on the mods folder. Not the game files. Make sure to install it correctly and read the Read-Me file included if there is one. Make sure to use the Simple Native Trainer as sometimes the game doesn't show it but trainer does.

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