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A working gameconfig

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    Since the gameconfig on this site is not working, and the most recently released gameconfig did nothing, I have stayed up for the past 24 hours straight perfecting a gameconfig.

    I have a heavily modded currently updated steam version that sufferers the same crash to desktop everyone else is facing. I think I found out why. It's is a memory leak but not the normal kind.

    I'm currently testing right now. I have addon cars installed and graphics mods. What would have crashed my game before is running great. I'm on hour 4 of causing constant chaos with no crashes. I will release a video and upload as soon as I'm sure I didn't just get lucky.

    With my changes and research I have made I'm hoping this will become an open project so anyone can make changes to the gameconfig and not be limited by someone else. I will be showing fully the changes I made to get there. More testing needed.

    One question is needed to be asked, and that is full system specs of a gta 5 that crashes. If your gta crashes after a period of time, PLEASE post your system specs.

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    After one by one checking all other variables (and I mean ALL variables), I read on a forum to use DxDiag to find out the cause. This lead me to learning about RADAR PRE LEAK 64. This is basically a guard that makes sure programs stay within their memory limits. It mainly goes off on badly optimized apps that have memory leaks. After reading some forums about it regarding Skyrim, they pointed me in the direction of stack overflows. At the bottom of the gameconfig is VEHICLE SPAWN which was limited by 3000 on one stack. So I increased the memory and stacks and NO MORE CRASHES!

    I don't know for sure how this works, but I believe that having mods takes away from that 3000 single stack leading to asking for more memory which triggers RADAR PRE LEAK 64 and something with clr.dll forces a game crash to prevent memory leak.

    Here are the values that have been changed.

    AnimatedBuilding 600 - 1600
    AttachmentExtension 430 - 4300
    Building 58000 - 65000
    DrawableStore 69735 - 368500
    DwdStore 16200 - 358000
    FragmentStore 20800 - 1186500
    LightEntity 4700 - 6200
    ScaleformStore 720 - 750
    TxdStore 63300 - 350000
    Vehicles 300 - 500
    HandlingData 1350 - 7000
    fwDynamicArchetypeComponent 12000 - 76000
    PedMemoryMultiplier 500 - 1200
    VehicleMemoryMultiplier 500 - 1200
    ArchiveCount 3160 - 5000
    VEHICLE SPAWN 3368 (1 Stack) - 20000 (20 Stacks)
    CAR MOD SHOP 3472 (2 Stacks) - 10000 (10 Stacks)

  • I will your check your gc.

    From my side, i compared all 3 or 4 more populars gameconfig on this site and did some adjustement by my self.
    Sometimes i lowered the numbers or upped them, the result now is that i have stable game.

    Then i tested by two way the performance for each gameconfig in vanilla situation, all the results was approximately the same, i have to test now those in modded situation.

    Also i never put more than 750 in "memorymultiplier" cause i found that's sunk my system.
    About crashes, the gameconfig can't do "miracle" if you push your graphic settings too high on a heavily modded game.

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    @psychosn4ke I'm not sure what the vehicle and ped section do, for now this is all the info I have found around in forums. It was suggested to use that value, but i haven't had a problem and i'm on 12 hours straight so far playing a heavily modded game on ultra 1080P. I think it can do miracles as the values I use I have not seen in a single gameconfig. Only thing I did notice was my graphics card stopped working as hard and my ram usage went from 6 gb average to a little over 8 gb.

  • Im still testing it, but your values do seem to work incredibly well so far! I was experiencing CTDs when using high traffic densities and/or modified popgroups, but now Ive succesfully ran both for extended periods. So Ill be ever so grateful to you for that if this does pull through :D

    I took your values and applied them to F7YO's gameconfig (2.5x traffic iirc). My archive count is 6000 (both in the gameconfig and packfile), heap is at your recommended value. I have also upped the physical and virtual memory values (under the archivecount) to 2000 and 3000 respectively to see if it fixes vehicles/vehicle interiors switching to a low-quality version.

    That being said, it seems that this value:

    • CAR MOD SHOP 3472 (2 Stacks) - 10000 (10 Stacks)

    messes with the car mod shop (duh) and doesnt let the player actually enter and use them. The map icon remains, but its useless. I changed it back to the default value and now all is fine.

    My system specs if you want them for reference: i7 7700K, 2x16 DDR4, 1080Ti, running the game off an SSD.

    Mods Im using right now:

    • VRemastered
    • IVPack (just the dlcpack)
    • Multiple lore friendly addon vehicles (I've combined most of them into a custom dlcpack instead of leaving them "loose")
    • Low Priority Prop Restore
    • Lively World
    • Some script mods (like accuracy fix, hardcore mode, etc.)
    • Custom popgroup and popcycle; base sourced from World of Variety
    • NaturalVision Evolved w/ upscaled roads, etc.

  • Unfortunately it still crashes, but only with a lot of vehicles in the popgroups file. Not quite sure why, but the GC works otherwise with high traffic count, so its progress lol

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    @LevelDockSix_ Every time I messed with the memory vaules under archive I got less stable of a game. As I don't use the mod shop, just trainers, I wasn't aware. Not sure if that actually did anything, I assumed it was for the vehicles mods driving around and not the shop itself. I'll loom at it later today.

    I don't mess with the popgroups file..... Except to replace the stupid taco trucks with more hippie vans. Everytime I add or change a car, crash. I gave up modding that file.

    Thank you so much for testing this out and giving feedback. That is exactly what we need to figure out this damn file.

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    @InfiniteQuestion I need some help from some testers. My updated game config has tripled the amount of traffic on the road and I need to know how stable this new version is. So far so good I have had good results but I can only play and test so much (i'm dreaming in code).

    Thank you to all those who have helped me troubleshoot and encouragement to keep going. This is for you :)

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    Triple traffic? Dumb idea.

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    @QBit07 I don't think all the people asking me for this thinks its dumb LOL look at you....trying again

  • @InfiniteQuestion It works great for me on a laptop from 2013-14 with desktop gpu Titan X.

    My game doesn't have much mods yet since I'm still trying to fix the issues in Realism Dispatch Enhanced but I can get a steady 60 fps from almost everywhere with A New GTA, VisualV, Redux's Vivid ReShade, Real California Architecture and some vehicles along with RDE. I also should mention RDE normally crashes with both provided gameconfig and F7YO's game config. The only gameconfig I was found working with RDE is World of Variety's and this one today. I'm not exactly sure in comparison at normal values (both seem to work fine and same) but high density vehicle traffic works better with yours.

    I also really liked high density traffic as well since it makes the game a lot more populated and alive, much closer to real life Los Angeles. Using 2.00000 ped and vehicle variety as well.
    A New GTA adds more peds, yours adds more vehicle and it's very close density to LA. I wish though it was possible to edit traffic density in different areas too.

    If you guys think high traffic density being too much in Sandy Shores, you might want to give it a try to https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/sandy-shores-redux-by-jaaag-v1-0-official mod. It doesn't lower traffic density however increases building density so it fits the eye better that Sandy Shores look more populated and alive therefore more traffic density as well at reasonable amount (no jams happening since the density is lower in there compared to city so it's a good thing <3 )

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    @Aurora11 Two side effects i have noticed, there are ALOT more birds now in the countryside. Looks great but definitely could cause issues.

    Second effect I have noticed is seeing cars I haven't seen spawn in years with paint jobs I didn't know the game had.

    Still learning some new things. Traffic density can be controlled to various areas. Outside of a mass vehicle handling mod to increase car frequency, not much more can be increased with traffic.

  • @InfiniteQuestion It would be great honestly if the car density can be separated at city and Sandy Shores.

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    @Aurora11 can you be more specific what you mean? You mean less traffic at sandy shore right? There are 15 zones around the map. I'll have to zero out a zone then drive around the map til I find the area with no cars....This might take a while, but Ill record what each area is.

  • @InfiniteQuestion What I meant is less cars at Sandy Shores and more cars at Downtown. However if it's going to be that difficult I honestly don't mind it at all.

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    @Aurora11 oh that was for sure a step in the future. Just for testing purposes I had 5in countryside and 15 density in city. I know the first 6 values are countryside so that narrows it down.

  • @InfiniteQuestion

    It's positive to see more people researching this area of GTA V modding.

    Here is a some additional information.

    You guys have to remember how interconnected/interdependent everything is.

    To REALLY control ambient vehicle densities, both parked and driving, requires comprehensive configuration of both gameconfig.xml, zonebind.ymt, scenarios.meta, settings.xml(Documents), popcycle.dat, vehicles.meta, pedpersonality.ymt and popgroups.ymt.

    And even ALL the individual path .ynds, plus ALL the individual Navmesh .ynvs. if you want to adjust all this on a "per street/neighbourhood" level.

    Beginning with changing values in the gameconfig is a really good start though, and I wish you nothing but good luck going forward.

    Have a nice day and happy modding.


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