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Popgroup causing crash?

  • I've modified my popgroup to include a lot of addon vehicles, but once I pass a certain threshold (I'm not sure what exactly) the game crashes some 2-3 minutes driving around in traffic.

    Is there some sort of limit as to how many vehicles can be added to a popgroup category (poor, mid, etc.) ? I've tried using World of Variety's custom popgroup+popcycle and filled it with my vehicles, but it still seems to crash.

    The total vehicle count is sub 80-ish, and Ive combined most of them into my own dlcs. Each vehicle individually spawns in just fine using a trainer.

    Using the latest version of GTA, Win 10 1909.

  • @LevelDockSix_
    What crash message do you get? If it's a 'a new guard page for the stack cannot be created', then most likely it's not related to 'popgroups.ymt', but rather certain vehicles that are broken/files contain syntax errors/vehicle files are too big compared to the vanilla vehicle that they replace etc.

    'a new guard page for the stack cannot be created' info:
    Have a read over this thread as it covers a lot of good info on what to do when spawning a lot of vehicles in traffic.

    If it's a different crash message, let us know which one? Thanks

  • @a63nt-5m1th hey, thanks for the response. There is no message actually, the game just freezes and closes. Event Viewer lists "clr.dll" as the culprit.

    Now that being said, when I posted about my crash I was using World of Variety's popgroup/popcyle as a base, and I began wondering if that was causing an issue (as Ive mostly been experiencing these CTDs with WoV, or its popgroup/popcycle in use).

    So, I cleaned out all my mods again, installed just some "essentials" I wanted (NVE, VRemastered) and started putting vehicles back into a clean vanilla popgroup, one vehicle class at a time (Coupes, Sports, Service, etc.) into the default vehicle groups (POOR, MID, etc.).

    So far it seems fine? I only have one or two classes left to fill out; I'v driven all around the map to test for issues per zone, replayed a few missions, and it all looks surprisingly okay.

    Another edit I made was editing this parameter in my gameconfig that user InfiniteQuestion posted about a few days ago in his thread:

    • VEHICLE_SPAWN - 3368 (1 Stack)

    I just bumped it up to a ridiculously high value (iirc 100000) and changed the stack value to 20 as in the OP. I also changed the Physical and Virtual Memory values (located under ArchiveCount) to 756 and 3000, following an old post by Eshenk.

    Whether this is just a placebo, idk, but the game has definitely worked for me so far. If I do succeed with my current mod folder with all these edits, I plan on making a new mod folder with WoV installed and seeing if these changes work with it.

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    @LevelDockSix_ My next target to look at is Physical and Virtual Memory values. First try was no go so I moved on. But please if you have any success update us!

  • @InfiniteQuestion I was planning on posting in your thread once I had finished testing these values :D

    I know you said they might potentially lead to instability, and you probably are right, but looking through some of Eshenk's posts (who has also been working on high traffic densities and such), he seems to recommend increasing those two parameters just a little to aid with texture pop-in and some other stuff when dealing with a heavily loaded game.

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    @LevelDockSix_ Interesting, i'm playing right now. After about 2 hours i get slight texture loss in the distance on buildings. Hmmmm gonna have to run some tests.

  • @InfiniteQuestion out of curiosity I bumped up the Physical Mem to 1500 and Virtual to 5000. Im sure its complete overkill (assuming changing it does anything to begin with), but the game seems to run just fine with these changes on my rig. CPU/GPU usage sat at around 30/40% -ish respectively, temps were sub 50/80 C for the same. My HeapAdjuster values are still at 2000 as recommended by your thread.

    Since doing so, I havent witnessed any oddities such as low detail vehicle interiors/models; there is the odd environment detail "pop-in" if you look behind the direction your facing quickly, but its a rare occurence and doesnt affect anything afaik.

    For the same test, I added more vehicles to my popgroup, bumped up the traffic density, raised my distance scaling, installed some other misc. mods like audio stuff, road traction, AI driving speed, etc.

    Free roam works just fine, missions/side quests function properly (or atleast the ones I played).

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    @LevelDockSix_ Right on. I'm trying those values next. Very much appreciated. I just uploaded a vehicle config that seems to triple the amount of vehicles. Never been so happy to see a full on traffic jam!

  • An update from more "testing"; the low-quality models/scenery pop-in issue came back when I started adding more vehicles to my popgroup (Im sitting at some 250+ added vehicles now iirc). I tried bumping the physical/virtual memory values higher, but to no avail.

    While testing different traffic density values to get more parked cars to spawn around the map, I found out that upping the ped- and vehicle- memory multipliers in <configpopulation> in the gameconfig apparently helps control those memory issues (I think).

    I set them to 5000 each (again, probably overkill) and now I have almost no "low quality" model issues, or scenery pop-in when looking in different directions quickly.

    So what does the physical/virtual memory control? Past a certain point, upping these values seems to give diminishing returns (if any to begin with), atleast for my game.

    I have left them back at 1500/5000 for now since it doesnt seem to be harming my game, but I probably could lower them (or perhaps reset them to default values). Maybe someone with a more "intensive" mod folder (4K textures for everything, real car models, etc.) should test those if they have issues with texture/model pop-ins.

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