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Help with vehicle meta crash when Replacing Characters Cars with DLC Cars.

  • Hi guys. As the title suggested, my game will crash when I tried to enter any vehicles. This happened after I change Vehicle.meta. I want to change Franklin's Buffalo Cars to Armored Kuruma. I tried go through the forum but can't find the solution.

    Here's is what I did.
    I edited Armored Kuruma name to Buffalo and replace the ytd files etc with Original Files. All went well including handling files. When I tried to change the buffalo's Vehicle.Meta with Armored Kuruma's Vehicle.Meta (copy paste), my game crash when I hit "F" to enter the vehicle. I only change the Armored Kuruma model and txd name to buffalo while leave the rest as it is. I know I can use Trainer but I like to have it as default car for Franklin.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You need to add the kuruma info to vehiclelayouts.meta. Not a simple task.

  • @QBit07 Damn. Just went through the Vehiclelayouts. Guess I have to give up on it. Thanks by the way. Appreciate it.

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