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Question: Maximum number of Weapon dummies in GTA 5?

  • as the title suggests, i am wondering if i can have a working 4th weapon on one of my vehicles? is there a weapon_4a and weapon_4b dummy? anywhere? or is there anyway of making it happen? Thank you for reading. and if you reply :)

  • bump. cuz i reserve the right to bump :P

  • @FoxtrotDelta a 4th weapon? What are you planning now? Sounds like you are working on a tank with the ability to shoot guided missiles as well ( T90/T72 maybe? ) :D

  • @Red_Eagle My tank models fire missiles. but i cant seems to be able to get them, Auto lock. that is a seperate issue , i am working on. i was thinking of using 4th weapon as a Smoke Grenade/Screen launcher. that way i won't need a script.

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