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All cars : Replace or addons ?

  • So, i'm starting my car addons/replacement.

    For information, i've already replaced/added 30/40 cars in my previous Mods folder.

    I'm planning to 'replace' the maximum vanilla vehicles as possible, and right now I see two ways (which can be mixed) :

    • Replace all the cars.
      I've read a lot about issues after too many replaced cars, even with a proper modified gameconfig.xml seems like. Tho I already have all the limitless memory mods too.

    • Addons only and replacing the vanilla cars in 'popgroups.ymt'.
      I've did this on my last save, because it seemed like a good option without risks of corrupting/conflicting. The thing is, the whole story mod will be impacted by this method, making the npc's from missions still spawning with vanilla cars.

    From your experiences, which one would be the better and why ?

  • @epoqx
    It's preference really, but generally for me, hybrid is the only route. Ideally replacing only the cars vital to missions/single player story & then using add-on dlc packs for the rest (if only for ease of testing if something goes wrong down the road).
    This is GTA tho, we don't always get what we want & a more organic, one vehicle at a time process, is the more likely route. Take your time & test the game thoroughly after each new vehicle addition (one can always leave the game on overnight to test long-term ambient vehicle spawn stability etc).
    Definitely have a read of this thread as it will get you up to speed on what to look out for when replacing vanilla vehicles & general good practice for add-ons/adding any vehicle to the game etc. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    Seems like i'll go for the hybrid choice then ! Yeah like anyone out there i've learned the hard way to install and test after each editing of the game, so i'll be carefull with it !

    It's been 5 years I haven't played the story mode, so I don't quite remember which vehicles are in it, i'll do it by feeling !

    Thanks tho, as always ! :)

  • @epoqx
    I've not even got round to playing storymode yet lol, a fully modded playthrough is my prize for doing all this work modding the game. Saving that until last. :thumbsup:
    If you do make a list of essential storymode vehicles, I'd be very interested in that :thumbsup:

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