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Distant light bloom with "normal" PostFX? Help?

  • What I'd like to achieve is to still have distant light bloom emitted from windows (at night), street lights, car lights and some misc lights such as neon lights.

    The problem is, by using the lowest PostFX value, all of these features are disabled. "Why don't you just use a higher PostFX setting then? " - you may ask.
    Becuase PostFX contains more than just distant light bloom, it has a bunch of visual effects that kill your FPS.

    Here's an example of what I want:
    alt text

    But as you can see the screen effect I applied also adds:

    • a little blur to the sides
    • brightness/darkness levels
    • different gamma/color scheme
    • vignette effect
    • and some other stuff I probably can't see right now

    **So is there a way to create (or alter an existing one) such a screen effect that ONLY adds bloom/glow to windows, car lights, street lights, neon lights etc?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I've been trying to make this work since 2017.** :smile:

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