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Broken menyoo menu , need help

  • I downloaded Menyoo about a week ago and everything was working really fine , yesterday i downloaded a 100% game save and for some reason my Menyoo menu went back in time , all the recent vehicles and outifts dont work anymore , before i could spawn F1 or arena cars and now it says Invalid Models . I tried many things : first I went back to my original game save , didnt worked. I also re downloaded Menyoo and tried another more recent 100% game save. Didnt worked either. I also tried to spawn F1 cars etc.. with Simple Trainer Mod , also the same error 'Invalid Model' thanks to anyone who can help.

  • try update your script hook V:

  • still didnt worked. I think the solution I have is to ask a friend who played the game recently gives me his save file of story mode so i can load it as a 2020 save file. because the 100% save file was from 2015 and im pretty sure this is what caused my menus to break. So im gonna ask a friend for his save file and see how it goes

  • @Suprememes check your menyoo stuff folder in your directory.

  • @ShadoFax and once im in there what should i check ? nothing seems to be wrong im just missing all the content from Arena War and Casino DLC alongside Casino Heist content.

  • @ShadoFax nevermind i found something a bit odd. When I open VehicleList.xml (in menyoo stuff folder) the list is completely blank. But that should mean I shouldnt be able to spawn any vehicle at all or ?

  • @Suprememes only your the vehicles you saved using menyoo

  • @ShadoFax I just deleted the game and re downloaded it. Everything works fine now thx for helping

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