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How to install and play mod games

  • Hi all. I am completely new to pc gaming and my son is at me to install mods. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I've watched countless videos and read up on things. I have managed to get the mod trainer where I can spawn in vehicles etc but trying to play script mods is really not happening. I've uninstalled the game and removed all files so I now have a blank canvas so to speak. If someone can explain as plainly as possible the steps I need to do it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Jestersdead83, Been there, done that, wrote the book, made the movie and still have a 't-shirt' left!

    All I can say 'modding' isn't hard...it ain't easy either! First thing is to take it slow. You can easily destroy your game files when you know what to do and make a mistake (done that) let alone when just starting out. So here's the 'plan':

    Start out with just a trainer. The one's I recommend to start with are; Simple Trainer and Enhanced Native Trainer. You get 'Native Trainer' with Scripthook, but it's really basic and will be frustrating if you want to do more than just work with the three main characters. Get used to using the trainers and learn what they can do before you get onto other things.

    Next, try more advanced trainers. There's Map Editor and Menyoo. Map Editor is more for basic building while Menyoo is both a trainer and a building platform. Both are dense with controls and capabilities which is why you should get a handle on learning how to use basic trainers first. Once you get familiar with either or both of these, then move to the next stage.

    Download Scripts. Set up a 'scripts folder' and experiment with various scripts. There are so many I'm not going to catalog the different types. Start with the 'passive' ones that affect the game environment like, 'No Turbulence' for example that cuts out that ridiculous turbulence GTA V is notorious for. Remember, scripts can and will affect your game's performance. 'Outdated' scripts will cause problems like crashes and conflicts with current scripts so check the dates before downloading. Some old scripts have simple workarounds, but figuring those out takes experience.

    Download OIV. Once you get a good handle on scripts and using advanced trainers, you'll probably want to 'get real creative'. The only way you can manipulate the game itself is with OIV. Unfortunately, there is no alternative (I looked for a couple years.) Good news, you can really take off with transforming your characters, vehicles and builds once you learn how to work OIV. Bad news, you can absolutely f*** up your game, perhaps your PC when making mistakes. Be very careful once you get to this stage. From here, you can download props, vehicles, peds, change the color of the sky and sea, etc. Again, all this will take time and experience to learn.

    Most important, 'BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!!' Each time there is a game update, you must back up your entire GTA file. Keep it on a separate drive. It doesn't hurt to keep at most 3 versions on file. This includes the trainers and scripts you've installed. Name the backed up files after the current update so you won't confuse them. Also keep in mind, if you have to reinstall an older version, 'YOU CANNOT GO ONLINE'. You'll have to run it in 'Offline Storymode'. If you don't do this, GTA's 'wonderful' new game launcher will automatically try to update your game and you'll be locked out until it does.

    Lastly, you will find that modding is 85% 'trial and lots of errors.' I've found figuring out how to fix my numerous mistakes has helped me learn quite a bit about game structure. I've still got an horrific amount more to learn, but I'm way beyond what I was doing when I started out. Hope this helps....

  • @iammistahwolf

    Thank you so much for all this information and taking the time to help me out. Its definitely food for thought and probably outwith my capabilities at this stage. I'll go back and start basic until I get a feel for it. Thanks again 👍

  • @Jestersdead83 , You're more than welcome. Modders gave/give me tips so I have no prob passing on what I've learned. One more thing, whenever you get to the stage where you start downloading mods 'Always read the comments before putting them into your game files'. That way, you'll quickly learn whether a mod is outdated or has other problems. Above all, you'll find playing 'modded' blows away the 'vanilla experience' by miles!

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