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vehicles from the MP but in the SP

  • Hi everyone i am new here its my first time modding. I have downloaded the apartments mod but now i would like to get a mod that allows me to purchases vehicles from the MP but in the SP so i can fill my garage with cool stuff can anyone suggest a good mod for that? thanks

  • I think buying from ingame website mods no longer working anymore however if you don't mind the buying itself, you can use Simple Trainer ( https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav ) to spawn them.

    Normally you can't drive latest online vehicles like F1 cars but Simple Trainer has a feature that makes them driveable <3 Very nicey <3

    Oh and I'm not entirely sure but, I think it also makes some of them spawn in the traffic as well but I might be wrong. I saw online vehicles spawning in my game with drivers inside but not entirely sure is it Simple Trainer making them. Might be Realism Disptch Enhanced.

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    @APEXPREDATOR96 Use Addon Vehicle Spawner. Set it to include DLC Vehicles .

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