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Loading Story Mode Freezes & Crashes

  • I just started modding 2 weeks ago and everything I’ve downloaded has been working fine up to today. Today, I installed a few new vehicles exactly the way I have been the last few weeks. I also added MapEditor & NativeUI as well as a Open all Interiors mod today too. Now my game starts up to the main screen, then I go to story mode and click it, then it loads for like 15sec and freezes and crashes. What did I do wrong and is there a fix??

  • @Bluckboy
    Most likely, either Open all Interiors, or you made a mistake in one of the files you edited. It's easily done.

    • Try a modded gameconfig for your version of the game (1.0.1868.0 etc).
    • Uninstall Open all Interiors, check if game working?
    • Remove NativeUI/Map Editor/'scripts' folder (if you have one)/etc & test if game working?
    • Check edited 'mods' folder game files for syntax errors (OpenIV > right-click file > Edit > Press '[</> XML]' button (at top) to check for syntax errors & fix accordingly)
    • Make backup of 'mods' folder 'update.rpf' & then replace with vanilla 'update.rpf' from the normal game folder. If that works, access your backup using OpenIV & move edited files over to the new 'update.rpf' one-by-one loading the game inbetween each change, until you either, find the file breaking the game or rebuild 'update.rpf' in working order.
    • If defaulting 'update.rpf' doesn't fix it, do the same with any other edited 'mods' folder '.rpf's & see if you can identify which one is causing it.

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