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Reputation problem (Need admin/moderator help)

  • I was doing comments in this topic ( https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/29220/get-gta-v-for-free-until-may-21-on-epic-games-store ) and I had a disagreement with someone. At his last post he talked rudely so I downvoted his last comment and reported it. Afterwards he unlawfully and unnecessarily downvoted all of my comments that had nothing bad at all (you can read them yourself) and caused my reputation to go -4.

    Now I honestly don't give a care about it's number however his unlawful and unfair actions caused me to having to wait 600 seconds before making another comment at a topic.

    I am requesting admins or moderators to investigate this issue and if they find this action unlawful and unfair, I am asking them to remove the downvotes that being given to my comments.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Banned

    @Aurora11 I know the person you are talking about. I made a mod for him, which does work, but he got very rude in my comments and rated me one star. He's got problems, I up voted you :)

  • @InfiniteQuestion Thank you so much :) True unfortunately and admins/moderators should bring a rule about unlawfully downvoting comments and unlawfully giving low stars to mods.

    and the reason wasn't even that the moderator deleted his comments either, he downvoted mines for no logical and fair reason, it was just because I downvoted only 1 of his comment which was very rude for no reason at all..

  • Moderators can't remove downvotes.

    I agree it was unnecessary, but unlawful? No. He only downvoted 4 comments that he didn't like. It's not like he downvoted every comment you've ever made or something.

    There already is a rule against giving low ratings to mods. There is no written rule against downvoting comments, but when I was a moderator I only remember that being a problem once, where the person downvoted like 40 comments of this person. He was warned.

  • @Jitnaught Unfortunately unlawful. No, he downvoted all of my comments ( 8 in total ) in that topic. Here is the proof if you are interested: https://i.imgur.com/eaXoXsH.png
    InfiniteQuestion upvoted all my 8 comments in there and now their upvote/downvote rate is 0. This means Qbit downvoted all of them. I would show you their screenshots one by one as well but unfortunately I can't prove I clicked each comment's downvote/upvote info since it just opens as an in page popup and doesn't have any link.

    Didn't like? Maybe some for sure. But all of them? Then let me ask you, what's there to not like in these?

    "Me neither. Not even going to get it either. and no way in hell I would set up 2 factor auth with epic store. They had countless of security breaches which all those infos are being sold at blackmarket.. So be aware of that befoe giving them your real phone number."

    "Valve never had such amount of data breaches. I'm not stopping you though, if you feel comfortable and safe enough to share your phone number with them, go ahead and do so :D Not like it will harm me in any way lol :D "

    I wasn't rude or offending anyone in these and others as well that I didn't copy pasted to avoid unncessary amount. If you feel downvoting these is lawful, than I have nothing to say unfortunately..

    If the reputation would be just a written number in the profile, that I wouldn't mind it at all. but if someone can unlawfully negatively effect you to use the forum, then I believe there should be a rule for that as well. I believe you wouldn't like someone to unlawfully just block you making each next comment for whole 10 minutes.

  • My opinion of the comments doesn't matter. If he doesn't like the comments, he doesn't like them. I do think he should be warned to not do downvoting-waves, but I don't think he needs to be warned about downvoting comments he doesn't like. That's just my opinion, we'll see what the moderators think.

  • Banned

    @Aurora11 I deleted my comments.

  • @Jitnaught and I don't really care about being liked or not. If we talk about that matter then I have a right to not like a single comment being made in forum and I would have a right to send massive mass downvote to every single comment.

    If people are going to downvote every single comment that they don't like, then there would be a competition here titiled "Who is going to give most downvote?".

    Not liking something doesn't necessarily requires to give a downvote. I honestly believe admins should remove the results of having negative reputations if giving them is continue going to be that easy. If any admin or moderator decides to punish me by limiting my each comment interval, I would respect that if I would deserved it and wouldn't have any objection. However other users shouldn't have access to such an option.

    I don't have any objection to reputation system, but I don't agree a system that can be this easily abusable should have such a result on people.


    I've just banned QBit07 after insulting via PMs for not allowing him to create a secondary account without Dark0ne (admin) permission, among other things I've seen the last days from him on the main site (unfair ratings, some disrespectful comments against other users) and also the comments I've removed from this topic.

    I'd say we can keep this topic closed now.
    PD: If we see that someone's downvoting another user comments without reasonable grounds, the ban hammer will drop.

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