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Making custom GTA V Car Skins (Im new to GTA Modding)

  • Hi!

    Im new to GTA V Modding.
    I made since 2 years custom car skins for "Arma 3".

    But now its time to move on and i want to learn how to create custom car liverys / skins for GTA.

    Sadly im not finding any tutorials except how to edit already made templates for e.g. Cop Cars or something.

    is there a Tutorial how to:

    • Choose Vehicle
    • Extract all the Data I NEED (Create my own 2D template to edit in a photo software)
    • Load in on the Vehicle
    • Use the Vehicle on a Server / in SP / Upload the mod? (i want to test final resutlts)

    This is a example from Arma 3 on of my "older" cars.
    A remake of Ken Blocks Ford Focus RS (Yes its not a RS because i havent found a modded RS for Arma ^^)

    alt text
    (I couldnt find the Focus template so i chose a Mercedes AMG GT Template i had lying around its just for explaination purpose)

    alt text
    alt text

    So yes!
    Thank you if someone has a tutorial or any other way maybe to can help me.

    Best regards, Jay!

    [Discord] Jayk0b#9459

  • Hi dude , was your problem solved ? cause it is my problem now and I need help.


    @Ariamehr please don't revive threads this old but create a new one and post detailed information about your problem and what you've already done yourself

  • @ReNNie ok dude .

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