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2021 & 2019 Acura tlx

  • I have seen mods from pretty much every other brand with thousands upon thousands of downloads or types of their cars but... specifically Acura is just one of those brands that's just not recognized enough to have alot of mods I'm asking if they're is a modder out there who would make the 2021 Acura tlx and the previous generation tlx in both sport editions each car will be compensated if done in detail and no not just no 20 dollars either.... come guys let's make this car a GTA 5 reality!

    2021 Acura tlx type s
    0_1590904055716_upload-8c45298a-b40c-432c-b566-4b07de92bd38 0_1590904069966_upload-d7a0fa8e-cf09-4b73-8b18-eae48a6dbd66 0_1590904103237_upload-fd753857-85ad-46a8-9f2a-3ed4c0fe4a2b 0_1590904164928_upload-a07504ef-9379-406b-bbf6-25d24a50783d

    2019 Acura tlx

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