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Addonped crash during character switch. HELP.

  • Guys. I registered here just to ask for help cuz I can't find solution absolutely nowhere on the entire internet. please help me.

    I installed mai addon ped, changed through L menu, sometimes menyoo menu, and use character swap mod to set as franklin/M/T. everything is fine, mission is fine too. but crash every single time during character switch. to be specific, for example, when press Alt to change character, it goes to the look down view from sky, then goes near and near, until it gets to the 3rd person view for like 0.2 seconds, I can even hear couple words from the dialogue, then crash. it's the same everytime. but no crash if not change to peds.

    Please help guys!! thx

  • Ok, I fixed it.

  • @rc911 I have the same problem bro!
    How you fixed it?
    Please tell me.

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