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No bullet holes showing in cars and walls etc.

  • Hello guys,

    So I am currently facing a bug which happens on my story mode. I currently have VisualIV, ENB, Improvements in Gore, RCA, Citylights, World of Variety, Gangs and Turf, and LA Billboards installed (these are the mods that changes the world's graphic setting and its content). I don't think my DLC cars have anything to do with this bug.

    The bug is that everytime I tried shooting my cars, peds cars, or the wall, there is no bullet holes and no glass breaking texture that is happening, but everytime I pause my game, these bullet holes would appear and the glass breaking texture would show.

    Is there any reason this might be happening? I currently have all my settings on very high and I don't think my PC is the reason in all of this.

    Any suggestions and comments would be great, thanks!

  • @hudyap
    Open All Interiors? Test removing it if you have it installed :thumbsup:
    If you don't have OAI installed then I would presume it would be some mod that is similar that is causing it.
    Remove any scripts you have installed & test them first.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I never have installed Open All Interiors before, but I would try removing some mods that may cause this, and I've tried removing Gangs and Turf, Visual IV, and Improvements in Gore but the bug still persists, can you give me suggestions on which one to remove after that?

  • @hudyap
    World of Variety would be my next bet. :thumbsup:
    Any settings in trainers similar to OAI you could have toggled on? Like MP Map etc

  • @hudyap
    Multiplayer Apartment/ Single Player Apartment are other culprits, basically, any mod that opens up interior areas that shouldn't be accessible in single-player.
    Also, make sure your 'dlclist.xml' is working 100% & loading all the patchday##ng dlc's.
    Maybe try defaulting 'decals.dat' & 'graphics.ytd' to vanilla as well.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Ahh that might be it, uninstalling WoV would be a pain in the ass since there's no uninstaller available and I need to replace the files manually, I'll try that tomorrow and get back to you soon, thank you!

  • @hudyap
    Just in case you don't know, you can use 7zip to extract '.oiv' installers (once 7zip is installed, right-click '.oiv' > '7zip' > 'extract to "name-of-oiv-here"'), then open the newly created folder structure & look inside the 'assembly.xml' file to see exactly what/where files are installed :thumbsup:

    You can also repackage files as a new updated '.oiv' using drag & drop if you open the '.oiv' with 7zip's File Manager. If, using this method, you replace all the files in the 'wov.oiv' with their vanilla etc counterparts & then reinstall the new updated 'wov.oiv', it should make the job a lot easier :thumbsup:
    Use the 'assembly.xml' to keep you right (it has both the 'wov.oiv' folder structures & the game install paths in it).

  • @a63nt-5m1th I see, that's what I've been trying to do and I might as well restore the vanilla files first. I have found the bug to be cause by SPA and I didn't know what I did but I get the bullet holes showing up and still running SPA, so yeah I get that going for me, which is nice. :)

  • @hudyap
    :slight_smile: Always nice when it works out like that :thumbsup:

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