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I have a doubt.

  • Well, I have tried to try to put the Karen Daniels skin with bikini in the game with the AddonPeds Mod, but for some strange reason or maybe I am very noob to the program, only the one that has the clothing of the Online DLC that is Heist calls and the base game that is with which she is an IAA agent and is not what I want, can someone who knows this type of thing help me? Thank you.

  • @Alvaroshi If I'm not misunderstood, you need to use a trainer to change character components. Like;


    I forgot their exact location but for Simple Trainer, it's at the Model Spawning (look at the bottom), and for the Menyoo I think it was Player Options and then Outfits I think.

    Feel free to let me know if this doesn't help.

  • @Aurora11 alt text
    The Menyoo is the only one that works for me but the bad thing is that when I want to see the modeling of the character of Karen Daniels with the bikini I get very bugged and there are times that she is with her outfits not used in the Online and it is not what I want to see I have tried to remove minor details like the neck of his shirt, jacket, belt and pants as well as his shoes and his IAA Agent Badge as well as his neck accessory and I am a little afraid to touch his modeling and I come out as all bugged as it has happened to me several times and that some parts of his body are invisible. :/

  • @Alvaroshi Hi again. Sorry for the late answer, I wasn't able to online nowadays :((

    I have found out that's an in game bug but luckily there is a fix.
    Download this mod first, https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/karen-daniels-no-jiggle-breast-boobs-1-0 .

    Then follow the instructions to replace bugged model files with the one in the mod. Afterwards the issue goes and bikini works properly. Here is the result: https://i.imgur.com/uJxwvLr.png

    Also the components are (You probably know but I still wanted to mention)
    Torso - 1
    Legs - 1
    Shoes - 0
    Accessory/Tops - 0
    Tops2 (Outer) - 1 (This one removes the lacy thingy from her neck)

    Their Texture numbers are all 0.

    Let me know if you stuck with something or anything.

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