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My game always randomly crashes

  • all I did was install, Lively World, Dispatch works, Realism Dispatch enhanced, and vanilla extended, haven't install Wov yet but my game randomly freezes and quits out said it unexpectedly crashed. i dont know what ot do anymore. i install gameconfig, packfile, and heap

  • @Fennexx

    Hi, all of this installed in a 'Mods' Folder ?

    What the crash text says ?

    Generally it doesn't crash just 'randomly', there is something that conflicts. Find the pattern to where it crashes ? At which moment ? What where you doing ?

  • Mods folder (and I have a backup on my drive)
    ive started up a game, walked around my car, nothing happened, stole a car to drive around, nothing happened, when to simeons to sell a car (mod) everything ok, then i stole a car from cargoplane heist (mod) I had the cops on me, I was driving fast, I did a little jump, all of a sudden it froze and crashed, "rockstar games has exited unexpectedly. and i dont know if it was just random crash and it will always happen, or its a problem with DispatchWorks.

  • @epoqx and sometimes i crash and it says A Guard stack cannot be created or something.

  • Fennexx, I did a quick check and it sounds like you've got a 'memory issue'. Look up 'a guard stack cannot be created' and it mentions an issue where memory can't create enough pages. Apparently, it's more of a 'printing issue' but you haven't given any details on your rig so you'll have to look that up to nail down that problem. Also, whenever you have a crash look up 'Event Viewer' in window's 'Control Panel'. Go to the 'Windows Log' section and then select 'applications'. In the center column there will be messages concerning your crash. Anything with a red symbol by it will concern the crash. Read those messages and most times you'll find it's a memory issue, a .NET issue or a 'clsid' error. The main culprit will be GTAV, but sometimes its a mod and Event Viewer will point it out. The basic way to troubleshoot is pull your mods and work your way through installing them. If it's a mod causing a conflict it will usually be the last one you put in. So that means if you have '5 mods' in, and a crash happens when #4 went in, there's your problem child. Pull it back out and put the next one in to confirm.

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