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Wanted level dissapears

  • Everytime I get a wanted level it completely dissapears and if I get a 5 star wanted level it sometimes gets set to 4 stars... help!


    check you’re not using any scripts that manipulate the wanted level or any trainers set to never get wanted

  • @Reacon yeah, i have some custom heists from danistheman downloaded... You think they might be causing the problems???

    Edit: just removed all of them - the problem is still here...


    @zawen and did you look at trainers?

  • @Reacon yes

  • Hey I've been having the exact same problem too. What mods do you use? I'll compare the list to mine and check out the ones that we both have to see if they cause the problem. What's odd is that if the cops see me, that wanted level stays, but once I get out of sight, I automatically lose them.

  • I figured it out. Gang and turf mod affects your wanted level based on what territory you're in. Here's what the dev said to change it: "by default police presence is reduced as the zone level increases. You can configure it by editing the minWantedFactorWhenInGangTurf and maxWantedLevelInMaxedGangTurf values"

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