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MP Map/Online Map Enable CRASH!!!!

  • ok so i downloaded a GTA V single player put a bunch of things up all is good so far. Now i came across the script section for the mods so i decided to get some stuff from there. and that where it started. So i have manyoo, native trainer, and simple installed. and all the other stuff to make the mods to work. so i install safe houses mod (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/safehouse-reloaded-a-expansion-to-spa) load the game through steam hi everything is on the map nice it worked. So i get to the first safe house get to the door and boom fall through the floor. Crap something is off. So i start reasercing finally figured out i need to enable online maps. Great load the game go in to all 3 trainers and crsh on every trainer. I am lost i been messing with this all day and NOTHING. dealiting reinstalling and loading without steam and so on. still crashing when trying to enable it. so now i come here with my head down and ready to give up after this.

    I been reading online it seems some other people had these problems and no one ever solved it.
    So if anyone can help would be great.

  • I'm having this same issue,

  • @StreetRatKnight ye i have seen a lot of people are having those problem with no way to solve it.

  • @StreetRatKnight @EugeKill Have you tried installing the OpenAllInteriors mod and enabling the MP map in the .ini file ?

  • @flying_bulletzzz yes i did as soon as i enable mp it crashes. i tryed with menyoo and ent and same resolt.

    I even went in to the codes and enabled the 0 to 1 and then the game just crashes on start.

  • ok so i did fix it. one other program was making this not possibel. in your script it was something like peremiters i forgot what it was called but if you can tell me what you have in your script file i will know the name. What it does is saves viechles anywhere on the map and that was the proble.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @EugeKill can you remember what its called ? because peremiters isnt helping me

  • @Suprememes @EugeKill Yall are trying to think of Persistence mod. It shouldn't be that causing the issue. I use the persistence mod by ImNotMental and I can enable MP maps without issues. While updating my mod, I tested to make sure it wouldn't crash by using Enable All Interiors by HKH191 and I've also tested using Simple Trainer to enable MP maps. No issues with either of those with my mlo mod. I do remember reading that some mlo interiors made poorly by other people will cause crashes with enable mp maps, maybe yall have one of them that causes issues.

  • @chonkie i think that the mod who caused my problem is Liberty City Rewind (aka Liberty V) Currently I can load MpMaps but whne i click the load mp map button the loading time is really short and things like the aircraft carrier and heist Yacht ,other heist maps dont load however using Menyoo i can get in a few online appartements for some reason. I uninstalled Liberty Rewind but when i tried to replace files from the mod with the vanilla files (like levels.ymt or Update.rpf) the game simply crashes on start up so i dont know what to do except delete everything and restart from zero wich I would like to avoid . This bug also happened to me long ago and at that time i was noob in modding and simple deleted everthing and restarted

  • @Suprememes It sucks deleting everything and starting over from scratch, but sometimes that really is the quickest and less frustrating thing to do. I recently was trying to figure out why my game randomly started crashing. After many hours of trying to remove certain things and restarting the game to see if the crash was gone, even with removing the last few mods i installed as the first step, it still was crashing. I ended up starting over and it took me less time to reinstall the things i really wanted than it did trying to find the specific reason for the crash. I just didn't install the last few things i installed before the crashing started. That also reinforced my method of only installing one mod at a time and thoroughly testing that it doesn't cause issues before installing the next mod. Sometimes i get too confident and install many at once and I know i shouldn't do that.

  • It sometimes crashes sometimes doesn't

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